What is BYM

Thank you for choosing to enrol for our BYM platform. BYM (Build Your Money) is a platform that does not only save your money but grows it ascendingly with zero risk.

Our goal is to build your money within a short period of time, thereby, placing you on a profit-making ladder.

Apart from your assured interest, there shall be periodic profit bonuses that accrue for you based on the amount you are building and duration. Although, these bonuses become effectual only at the company’s discretion.

Your security is 100% guaranteed as our automated platform allows you to personally withdrawal your money and interest directly from any of our affiliated financial institutions on the expiration date of your plan.

Our platform also allows you to monitor your money and interest right from your account dashboard, thereby, keeping you abreast of your earnings. You can also run more than one plan simultaneously.

Autohub Nigeria is one of the leading automobile companies in Nigeria. We invest your money