Build Your Money with Autohub Nigeria

Our platform is your surest way to financial freedom with zero risk.

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Autohub BYM
Autohub BYM


Having gone through our investment plans, you are to deposit money into your account, with which you would use to enrol for investment category of your choice.

Autohub BYM


Choose investment plan of your choice from your account dashboard and watch your income as it grows.

Autohub BYM


Your earning is 100% guaranteed and you can withdraw it whenever you wish..


We are different! Because we have built existing business for your investment. As result, your security is assured. The reason being that we are established, traceable and cannot close up our company over your investment. Therefore, it's a sheer business interest; we trade with your money to make more money for you and our company respectively. You have the option of withdrawing your accrued profit at will, right from your account dashboard. Click this link for more information.

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autohub BYM

BYM is the most reliable business for you

Any money that does not yield increase is a potential liability. Therefore, put your money to work now!

The story of how we started can spark emotions. However, our testimony today is the power of income building and reinvestment. It's against this backdrop that we want to share our business dreams with you. For apart from investing with us, we also have a plan of helping our credible investors to build business brands of their choice.

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We Provide

Best Investment

Why are people from all over the world choosing AutoHub? Find Out now

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Reliable Investment

Our investment platform is as reliable as lying on your skin. This is because you don't take part in the profit and loss of your investment as your interest rate is fixed and nonnegotiable.

Dynamic Plans

All our investment plans are win win planned. Our packages range from Students, Salary Earners, Business, Investment, Enterprise and Project. Choose one out of these plans and start making money for yourself. You can also run more than one account concurrently.

Easy Withdrawal

You can withdraw your money independently from your account dashboard. All you need to do is to make a request and we will approve the payment. Our payment service includes local and international.

Reinvestment Support

You can reinvest your profit and it will attract equivalent interest rate as your parent investment. You can also roll over your plan upon maturity and you will have a chance of earning from our bonuses.

Our Platform Is User Friendly

Our platform is very easy to use. All you need to do is to download our App, click on BYM, sign up and manage your account dashboard. All features are automated and all activities are digitally executed.

Autohub BYM
Autohub BYM
Autohub BYM
Our Awesome Plans

Choose a plan of your choice. All plans are 100% profitable.


2.5% Interest

  • Monthly
  • Interest Withdrawable
  • 2.5% profit
  • Min: ₦ 50000
  • Max: ₦ 1000000
  • Autohub Investment

10% Interest

  • 3 Months
  • Interest Withdrawable
  • 10% profit
  • Min: ₦ 1000000
  • Max: ₦ 10000000
  • Autohub Investment

22% Interest

  • 6 Months
  • Interest Withdrawable
  • 22% profit
  • Min: ₦ 5000000
  • Max: ₦ 50000000
  • Autohub Investment

45% Interest

  • Yearly
  • Interest Withdrawable
  • 45% profit
  • Min: ₦ 10000000
  • Max: ₦ 100000000
  • Autohub Investment

120% Interest

  • 3 Years
  • Interest Withdrawable
  • 120% profit
  • Min: ₦ 30000000
  • Max: ₦ 500000000
  • Autohub Investment